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7 Weird Things Found in Athens, Greece

I’m currently lounging out at a Pizza Hut in Bucharest, Romania (which by the way is nicer than any Pizza Hut I’ve ever been to in America). And yes, I have left Greece! What a wild ride it has been. I’ll be in Romania for another month and a half or so, and with just 2 days in I’ve already been loving it so far.

I was reflecting on Athens, and I realize I’ve found a lot of weird things out there. Maybe it’s not weird to other people but it was certainly weird to me. So I might as well list out the weird fuckery I had seen out there. Here goes:

7 Weird Things Found in Athens, Greece

1. Cats, cats, cats

There were an excessive amount of stray cats. Like, I’m not playing. Not just in Athens, they were all over the Greek islands as well. Occasionally, cats would just walk over and nestle right next to where I was sitting. And at times I’ll look and see 10 cats just lounging out on the sidewalk, CHILLIN’.

Greece cats

2. Sick Dogs?

This always made me sad. I would see stray dogs that looked unwell under the unbearable heat. Many of them were around Syntagma and the stores of Monastiraki district. I’m honestly not an animal person but it always pained me to see them. And I didn’t know what to do because I wanted to help but knew there would be a possibility of disease transmission with stray animals.

dogs greece

3. Throwing Toilet Paper in Trash Cans

I’ve heard of this before, but never had I seen it more apparent than in Greece. Every restaurant or bar you go to you’ll find them requesting you to throw your toilet paper in trash cans instead of the toilet. I guess this is in fear of clogs? But I find it kind of unsanitary 🙁

toilet paper greece

4. Lack of Air Conditioning (But Abundance of Heaters)

I thought it was just my apartment, but it seems like A/C can be a bit rare in apartments and sometimes restaurants and stores despite the scorching heat in Athens. In our flat we had at least 5 heaters and not a single fan. It made 0 sense to me.

5. Meat and Carbs

Meat and carbs constituted many Greek meals. I thought it was WAY too heavy…aside from salads, where the vegetables at?!

Athens food

6. Lack of Regulation

As mentioned in my previous post, I found it strange that security did not have more strict regulation on public transportation. I heard many Greek residents won’t pay for their bus and metro tickets because of this.

ticket reader athens

7. Aaaand Penis Souvenirs

penis souvenirs greece

Enough said.

Have you found other weird things in Greece? We’d love to hear in the comments below!


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