Welcome to our blog! This is Heesun and Sharon, and both of us are obsessed with traveling. We grew up in the Bay Area, California, and where we come from, we were always expected to behave, study hard, climb the corporate ladder, save money, and settle down. As we longed to follow our passions and see the world, we started questioning this norm. Both of us have traveled solo, taken 1-3 month long trips, and have realized the amount of life we’re missing out on. So, we decided to start a blog as an outlet to discuss our journeys and push us to keep adventuring. Through this blog, we want to show young professionals how they can expand their horizons in the same way.

Heesun Sharon Me Want Travel

That’s why we created Me Want Travel, a blog with a quest to visit 100 countries before 100 and one day join the Travelers’ Century Club. Putting down a numeric goal will help us track our progress. We take into account that short 1 day trips to each country won’t be enough to really immerse ourselves in the new environment and culture. We also know you can get completely different experiences city to city within each country. Therefore, we will try our best to take longer stays and revisit areas when shorter trips don’t do these countries justice.

Horseshoe Bend

Victoria Peak Hong Kong

We hope that you join us in our travels. Follow us on our social channels to stay updated, join our email newsletter, and make sure you connect to our MWT Facebook group, a safe community in which members discuss travel tips, share stories, and make new friends!

Hi everyone! My name is Sharon.


I quit my fulltime job to become a digital nomad/world traveler. It was one of the toughest decisions I had ever made, but I’ve realized I’m now more in tune with myself than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I’m on the path to pursue a life of location and financial independence, and I hope to explore all ends of the globe while I’m at it.

Essentially the reason for my journey is…I have realized that I value time more than money. I want time so I can see the world, make music, create, and not half ass the things I want to pursue. And if I stay complacent and comfortable, I will never be able to build a life I want. In order for me to achieve this goal of ‘time’ I will be working extremely hard towards location/financial independence and towards a lifestyle change where I can actually CREATE.

While I’m on this journey to pursue a lifestyle change for myself, I will never take my privileged life for granted. I’m really grateful that I’m in a position where I am safe, secure, and can dream of bigger opportunities. But in order for me to grow I believe I need to challenge myself and leave my comfort zone. Those who know me understand my motto has always been to “live, love, and inspire”. And in order for me to live out my motto I have to see this journey through. I hope you follow along with me! Learn more about Sharon.

For a specific list of Sharon’s visited countries, click here.

Hi, Heesun here!


Before I could walk, my mom was taking me to places around our hometown, the SF Bay Area. Looking at old photographs, you can see me clutching a baby bottle and walking around confidently.

about heesun

And also falling confidently.

From then on, the adventures grew. She took my siblings and I to national parks (lucky because there’s quite a few in California), introduced us to our grandparents in Korea, and took us on a cross-country trip across the States on Amtrak (it involved a lot of Nintendo DS playing). Through these adventures, my mom illustrated how so much of the world is left unseen and instilled a curiosity in me to continue exploring to seek greater understanding of the world around us and provide context for the world which we live in.

Since then, I’ve grown a bit taller and I fall a bit less (most of the time). Now, I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about eating pho in Vietnam, swimming under the waterfalls in Thailand, temple hopping in Cambodia, hiking Machu Picchu, and crossing off more items on my travel bucket list. Aside from this, I am interested in healthcare, particularly in how we can optimize insights gleaned from data to drive strategy to improve patient outcomes. I recently completed my Master’s in Public Health at Yale University, with a focus on healthcare management, and will be in a leadership development program at a healthcare organization. Want to learn more? (I’m flattered)

For a specific list of Heesun’s visited countries, click here.


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