25 Facts About Sharon

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In case you wanted to learn a bit about me, I’ve written up 25 facts about Sharon that you can read. Enjoy!

1. I sing on YouTube.

2. I was born in Hong Kong and moved when I was 2. I love Asia!

3. I can’t ride a bike.

4. I failed my license test 4 times.

5. I have trouble sleeping a lot.

6. I love scratching my bug bites…a little too much…

7. Desperate Housewives and Nashville are 2 of my favorite shows

8. I was nationally ranked for chess when I was a kid and was on TV for playing 14 kids at the same time.  So random.

9. I have perfect pitch but it’s much easier for me to identify notes when they’re played on a piano, so IDK.

10. I have a lot of stage fright, but I hope to change this – I try to put myself out there sometimes to combat this fear of public speaking/performing.

11. People think I’m social and outgoing, but I’d say I’m introverted with an outgoing personality.

12. I don’t like people who are all talk no action/people who don’t place value in their words.

13. I like ambitious people who dream big, who are open minded and like to talk about life.

14. I like video games…I used to be addicted to Counter Strike, Team Fortress Classic, and Diablo 2. My mom even broke my Diablo 2 disc cause she was angry that I was so obsessed.

15. I used to be obsessed with KPOP and JPOP. I still listen to my Asian music. So good…

16. I can play 7 instruments if you count organ and Javanese gamelan (I learned these in college). I also play guitar, piano, violin, flute, ukulele. However, I don’t think I’m good at them anymore. I used to take lessons and practice a lot, but not anymore.

17. I’ve always wanted to go fishing but nobody’s ever taken me.

18. I hate running and hiking (but I think it’s something I need to change).

19. In video games, if given the choice, I will always choose the magical character (like the sorcerer, necromancer, etc.).

20. I don’t like cheese or egg (but Heesun loves eggs). I can never eat a burger with cheese in it. But I have a few exceptions (like pizza and fried rice).

21. I like doing many things alone.

22. My kindle is my new best friend.

23. I used to be on the golf team…because there were no tryouts 🙂

24. J.K. Rowling and Tim Ferriss are two of my inspirations.

25. I used to hate writing, but look at me blogging away on Me Want Travel now!

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