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Cheapest Way to Travel Europe (Part 2: RyanAir Flight Map)

Now that you’ve checked out part 1 of the cheapest way to travel Europe, you’ll understand the different transportation methods you can select when trekking across the continent. From the post, you’ll see that flying seems to be the most affordable means of traveling, as long as you do some research and purchase tickets at the right time.

Cheapest way to travel Europe

If you’re going on a Eurotrip, you might not have a specific set of destinations you need to go to. You might want to go from country to country and figure it out along the way. In this case, you’ll want to map out the most affordable route to tackle more countries on a budget.

When flying place to place, there will always be cheaper airports to fly out of and fly into. Distance, demand, and timing of flights can also affect ticket pricing. From my last trip to Europe, I’ve now realized that I wasn’t flying efficiently as I was taking a really random route. If I were to take on Europe again, I would want to know which flight route were the most affordable.

What I Did

That’s why I have been carefully mapping out the average costs of flights to and from different airports. To try and figure this out, I went on Ryanair‘s lowest fare finder and documented the most affordable 1-6 locations coming out of each airport for the month of November 2015. Unfortunately I didn’t capture all of the countries but I hope you’ll find this guide useful.

Cheapest Way to Travel Europe

These ridiculously low prices were again from November 2015, and I researched these tickets about 1-2 weeks from the departure date. When looking months in advance, RyanAir tickets were actually more expensive. This could indicate that purchasing European country to country tickets with RyanAir could be cheaper when bought within 1-2 weeks of the departure date.

Another thing to note is that flight prices can differ dramatically by season, so do not take this as a guide of how much you SHOULD be paying for any particular date. This is a guide to give you a general idea of where you should go from one place to another.

Ryanair Routes

Here were my findings for November 2015 flights arranged in alphabetical order. This does not cover all countries that Ryanair flies to, and these prices were rounded up:

Athens, Greece  Santorini, Greece ($20), Paphos, Cyprus ($23), Bratislava, Slovakia ($23), Budapest, Hungary ($27)
Basel, Switzerland  London, England ($10), Dublin, Ireland $22)
Barcelona, Spain
Ibiza, Spain ($21), Paris, France ($21), Milan, Italy ($21), Hamburg, Germany ($21), Porto, Portugal ($21)
Berlin Schonefeld, Germany →
Brussels, Belgium ($5), Cologne, Germany ($13), Bratislava, Slovakia ($13), Athens, Greece ($16)
Bratislava, Slovakia 
Paris, France ($23), Dublin, Ireland ($27), several cities in Spain ($25), several cities in Italy ($27)
Brussels, Belgium →
Bucharest Romania ($11), Warsaw, Poland ($13), Copenhagen, Denmark ($13), Budapest, Hungary ($13), Oslo, Norway ($13)
Bucharest Romania →
Brussels, Belgium ($11), Milan, Italy ($13), Bologna Italy ($16), London, England ($23)
Budapest, Hungary
Eilat, Israel ($16), Brussels ($12), Copenhagen ($20)
Cardiff, WalesDublin, Ireland ($36)
Cologne, Germany 
Warsaw Poland ($16), Berlin Germany ($13), Milan ($13), London Stansted, England ($13)
Copenhagen, Denmark
London Luton, England ($12) , Cologne, Germany ($12), Kaunas, Lithuania ($16), Budapest, Hungary ($20)
Dublin, Ireland → Glasgow, Scotland ($13), Edinburgh, Scotland ($19)
Eilat, Israel → Kaunas, Lithuania ($23), Krakow Poland ($19), Budapest, Hungary ($16)
Glasgow, Scotland  Ireland, Dublin ($17), Edinsburgh, Scotland ($25)
Ibiza, Spain → Valencia, Spain ($21) , Barcelona, Spain ($21), Madrid, Spain ($21)  (Ibiza only flies to different cities in Spain)
Kaunas, Lithuania → Copenhagen, Denmark ($7), Kos, Greece ($23)
Lisbon, Portugal → Paris, France ($23), London, England ($23), Rome, Italy ($27), Brussels, Belgium ($27), Hamburg, Germany ($27), Pisa, Italy ($27), Dublin, Ireland ($27).
London Stansted, England → Basel, Switzerland ($17), Dortmund, Germany ($17), Cologne, Germany ($17), Deauville Normandy, France($17)
Oslo, Norway → several cities in Poland ($12), Vilnius, Lithuania ($12), Kaunas, Lithuania ($12), Riga, Latvia ($12), Tallinn, Estonia ($12)
Paris Beauvais, France → Shannon Ireland ($13), Bologna, Italy ($16), Wroclaw, Poland ($16)
Stockholm Skavsta, Sweden → Copenhagen, Denmark ($7), Warsaw, Poland ($12), London, England ($16)
Warsaw Modlin, Poland Cologne, Germany ($12),  Oslo, Norway ($12)

How to Use This Guide

As mentioned earlier, don’t expect to get these exact prices. Instead, use this as a guide on where you should go from place to place. Say you were in Brussels and you wanted to know where you should go next. Based on the findings I have written out, you could map out that the going to Bucharest, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Budapest, or Oslo would be more affordable than going to other countries. Then from there on you can continue the same process until you hit the countries you would like to visit.


Bonus: Megabus

As mentioned earlier, buses are another affordable way to get around. I personally like using Megabus cause it’s cheap, comfortable, and has Wi-Fi. Also it’s quite hard to understand the sites of many other buses servicing Europe as they are frequently not in English.

Megabus does not have a low fare calendar, but here are the following countries the Megabus in Europe serves:

Republic of Ireland

You can have this set of destinations in mind while you’re planning out your route through the Ryanair guide.

Hope this post helps anyone wanting to travel cheaper around Europe! If you have any suggestions and feedback, please let us know in the comments.

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