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Cost of Living in Berlin, Germany (5 Nights Spending Report)

It’s time…for another expenses report!

After spending 5 nights in Berlin, Germany, I’ve concluded that Berlin prices are quite comparable to prices in the bay area, California, and possibly more affordable. The alcohol is definitely cheaper, with beer at bars averaging around $2 and cocktails at $5. With no shortage of events and things to do, Berlin is definitely a place I’m considering coming back to longer term.

Without further ado, here is my spending report.

Cost of Living in Berlin, Germany (5 Nights Spending Report)

Here are some things to note about my spending:

  • I’ve decided not to include my flight from Bucharest to Berlin as the price was quite high ($117)
  • I stayed with Pegasus Hostel Berlin and am reviewing their hostel in exchange for complimentary accommodations.
  • I left my bath towel in Bucharest and had to purchase another one!
  • I didn’t really eat traditional German food.
  • 2nd column is in Euros currency and I used a 1 Euro : $1.16 conversion rate for the 3rd column.


Burger Berlin

Orange Juice 3.3 Euros $3.83
Mexican food 8 Euros $9.28
Pho 6.8 Euros $7.89
Mexican food 3.5 Euros $4.06
Burgers 7.5 Euros $8.70
Water 1.5 Euros $1.74
Korean food 13 Euros $15.08
Water 1.2 Euros $1.39
Kebab 5 Euros $5.80
Spring Rolls 3 Euros $3.48
Orange Juice 2 Euros $2.32
Water 1.5 Euros $1.74
Fried Rice + Water 8 Euros $9.28

Dolores Berlin


Matrix Berlin

Beer 1.5 Euros $1.74
Pub crawl 10 Euros $11.60
Cocktail 4.5 Euros 5.22


Bath Towel Berlin

Bath towel 9 Euros $10.44


transportation berlin

Public Transportation Pass 30 Euros $34.80

bus berlin

Overall Spend

Food $74.59
Entertainment $18.56
Miscellaneous $10.44
Transportation $34.80

cost living berlin

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