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Cost of Living in Naxos, Greece (4 Nights Spending Report)

Last week, I spent 4 nights in Santorini and 3 nights in Naxos. Initially I planned on visiting Naxos for 3 nights, but I had to revise this to 2 after some unforeseen circumstances. However, my digital nomad friend from Naxos ended up hosting me for an extra 2 nights so I was able to extend my stay!

Naxos Nights

Naxos was as affordable as Athens, even though it was a beautiful island with tons of beaches. Costs were still low even if I ate beach-side. For example, my fish entree was only 7.50 Euros even though I was literally eating on a restaurant on the beach sand. This would be unimaginable in California.

beachside naxos

As always, these spending reports aim to give you a better picture of how expensive or affordable places are around the world. This guide will hopefully help you understand the cost of living in Naxos, Greece!


  • Because my friend had a car and my other friend had a moped, I didn’t have to pay for transportation within Naxos.
  • I had to pay for an extra ferry ticket, and also paid to change my ferry date to Athens. But my 2 nights of stay at my friend’s property sort of compensated for that.
  • I ate lots of baguettes, spaghetti, and gyros…my diet was not the greatest.


Euros USD
Fish, rice, vegetable meal 8 $9.28
1 peach, 1 water 1 $1.16
1 water + 2 peaches 0.83 $0.96
Smoothie 3.7 $4.29
Tuna baguette 2 $2.32
Spaghetti Bolognese + Water 6.5 $7.54
Tuna baguette 2 $2.32
Tuna baguette 2 $2.32
Water, Pizza Chips, 2 Peaches 3.5 $4.06
Chicken bacon gyro 3 $3.48
Spaghetti 5.3 $6.15

 fish by the beach naxos


Euros USD
Beer 5 $5.80
Beer 3 $3.48
Go Kart Racing 10 $11.60


Euros USD
Razors 2.5 $2.90


Euros USD
Santorini to Naxos ferry 21 $24.36
Santorini to Naxos ferry (because I missed the previous ferry) 33 $38.28
Naxos ferry to Piraeus, Athens 29 $33.64
Fee to change ferry date to Piraeus, Athens 9 $10.44

greek islands seajets ferry


Vakhos Hotel $38.66

vakhos hostel naxos

Overall Spend

Food $43.88
Entertainment $20.88
Miscellaneous $2.90
Transportation $106.72
Accommodations $38.66

My total spend for 4 nights in Naxos was $201.44 which amounted to $50.36 per night. Not too shabby in my opinion!

I ended up enjoying Naxos more than I had imagined, and I managed to get a lot of work done while I was out there because there was good Wi-Fi on the beach! The affordability of the island was the cherry on top. What did you think of Naxos? Let us know what you think in the comments!

NAXOS cost of living

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