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Cost of Living in Seoul, South Korea (Spending Report)

I have recently completed my 1 year of travels around the world, and I’m now going through some of my expense reports for each city. After Lisbon, I went to Seoul, Korea. Seoul can be pretty affordable if you choose it to be. I was able to book accommodations in Hongdae for under $500 for a month (29 days). And food would average $4-8 for one person. If you’re going to Seoul with friends it will obviously cost more depending on what you want to do. However, I still ate and went out with friends and it ended up not breaking the bank!

Without further ado, here is my spending report for Seoul, South Korea.

Cost of Living in Seoul, South Korea (Spending Report)

Things to Note

  • If you’re going to Seoul by yourself, try to find the restaurants that are especially made for just one person as most restaurants sell meal sets for 2 or more people.
  • Many people don’t speak English. Sometimes it is hard to order at restaurants cause a lot of times menus don’t include English as well. If you don’t speak Korean, you can use the pictures or do what I did and memorize Korean entree names for foods I wanted to eat!
  • Hongdae is a student city that is fun and affordable to stay in, while Itaewon is a good place for expats.


korea food

Tofu Soup 10
Korean BBQ 10
Tuna Buffet 33
Soup 10
BBQ 14
Ramen 6
Noodle snacks 1.5
Noodle snacks 1.5
Green tea latte 5
Pho 8
Onigiri 2.3
Onigiri 2.4
Onigiri $0.90
Ramen 4.5
Latte 3.8
Onigiri 1.5
Sprite 1.2
Bibimbap 5
BBQ 15
Fried rice 3.5
Onigiri 0.9
Noodle soup 5
McDonald’s 5.3
Noodle snacks 1.5
Onigiri 1.5
Sprite 1.2
Kimchi Ramen 4.5
Dumplings 4
Xiao Long Bao 18
Mandu and Kimbap 4.5
mandu 3.5
Korean bbq 10
Snacks 3
Mango Shaved Ice 11
Noodle soup 4
Mandu 3.5
Noodle Soup 4
Kimchi Fried Rice 5
Udon 5
Dumplings 3.5
McDonald’s 5.5
Japchae 6
Japchae 6
Bulgogi 10
Pho 3.5
Water 0.6
Japchae 6
Dumplings 3.5
Noodle soup 4
Mango juice 3.8
Lotteria 6.5
Sprite 1
Korean BBQ 15
Bulgogi and Udon 6
Ginseng chicken soup 15
Beef noodle soup 8

Food Total: $338.40

japchae south korea spending report



Alcohol and Cover Fees 15
Cat cafe 9
Beer (2 drinks) 8
Drinks 15
Club entrance 20
DMZ Tour 36
Clothes and makeup 55
Beer and whiskey 12

Entertainment Total: $170


Toothpaste 4.5
Shampoo and Body wash 3
Jacket 29
Female Products 4.5
Pajamas 5
Face wash, lip balm, lipstick, nail polish remover 11
Clothes 103
Vaseline, vitamins, mouth wash, floss 10
Gel Masks for mom 18
Hanbok 10

Entertainment Total: $198


Metro card 10
Metro card 10
Metro card 5
Metro card 10
Metro card 10
London to Milan $37.00
Milan to Korea $382.00

Transportation Total: $464


AirBnB 10/7 – 11/5 (29 days) $463

Accommodations Total: $463

Overall Spend

Food $338.40
Entertainment $170
Accommodations $463
Miscellaneous $198
Transportation $464

Total: $1,633.40
Daily: $56.32

Overall, my trip to Seoul costed around $1,633.40 for 32 days including the transportation from Europe, AirBnB accommodations, food, entertainment, rides, and other miscellaneous items. This averaged out to $56.32/day. A lot of the spend was from my two flights getting myself out of Europe and straight to Asia (London to Milan, Milan to Korea, around $419). Without those flights, I would have only spent around $1,200, which would have averaged at $40 a day.

I would definitely recommend Seoul for digital nomads or for longer term stay. Korea is great for digital nomads because of its 24-hour cafes and amazing internet. There was also this Google free coworking space that was awesome – I discovered it late but I would definitely go there frequently if I were to go back. Also of course, the food is amazing, public transportation is easy, and many other nomads are there if you reach out through nomadlist and Facebook groups.

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