Countries We’ve Visited

Heesun and Sharon are aiming to visit 100 countries before 100. (A visit to a country does NOT include layovers.)

Follow Heesun’s country hopping here:

Countries I've Visited

Heesun's Countries
North America Europe Asia Africa South America
USA France South Korea Morocco Ecuador
Canada Germany Hong Kong Peru
Mexico Spain Vietnam
Netherlands Cambodia
Portugal Thailand
Greece UAE
Italy Japan

Total: 21/100

Whew, it looks like I have a way to go, but couldn’t be more excited to continue exploring. Like Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

Keep track of the countries Sharon’s visited:

Sharon Countries Visited Updated

Sharon's Countries
North America Europe Asia Australia
USA France Hong Kong Australia
Canada England Japan
Mexico Spain China
Netherlands Taiwan
Italy Singapore
Belgium Philippines
Czech Republic Macau
Sweden UAE
Greece Korea
Romania Thailand
Germany Malaysia
Portugal Indonesia

Total: 30/100

Three of these countries were visited when I was young, so I’ll need to head back to those sometime. Definitely a long ways to go before hitting 100 countries! I’m excited to embark on the journey though 🙂 .

To check out information on each individual country we’ve visited, click here.

Check out our interactive map below to find more information about our stay at each country!

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