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I’m Trapped in Santorini for One More Night!

I can’t believe it.

Today, I was supposed to leave Santorini and head for Naxos. I was excited because I was looking forward to lounging out and chillin’ on my own schedule.


But as we were riding the bus down from Fira to Athinios Port to take the ferry, I realized “holy shit, I can’t find my wallet!” My flatmate took care of my ticket fee (thank you!) And of course I started panicking, because my wallet included my credit card, debit card, ID, and around $150 cash. My main concerns were: 1. Omg I need to cancel my cards. 2. Crap. I have no money. 3. I’m going to starve in Naxos. I kept trying to recollect my route. Did I leave my wallet in the bakery? Or in the hotel? Or at the bus stop?!

You should have seen me; I was a nervous wreck. The ferry was leaving at 3:30 PM, and I had about 20 minutes to figure out what the hell I was going to do. My flatmate helped grab the phone number of Hotel Palladion for me to call, but the owner’s English wasn’t good enough for us to have a decent conversation. After our talk, it sounded like the hotel couldn’t find my wallet, and I was in deep shit.

We arrived at Athinios Port and asked a Greek local to help translate for us while speaking with the hotel owners on the phone.

Fortunately, they found my wallet!

I breathed a huge sigh of relief and got on the bus back to Fira to get to the hotel. I was going to figure out my ferry situation later.

But wait, I realized…I don’t have any money!

I was thinking worst-case scenario: I ask people on the bus if they could spare me some change. Second worst-case scenario: nobody helps a homie out, and the bus driver drops me off in the middle of nowhere and I would have to…honestly I wouldn’t even know what I would do. Die in the heat as I walked hours until I magically found my way to Hotel Palladion?

hotel palladion

Anyway, when the ticket seller walked around the bus, I held out my previous bus ticket in hopes that they were good for the day. But the seller rejected my idea and demanded 2.30 Euros. I told him that I was literally just on this bus and that he even saw me here. And I told him I forgot my wallet at the hotel in Fira so I had no money. Fortunately he was nice enough to let me slide.

Now, after a 20 minute trek back to the hotel from the Fira bus stop, the hotel owners presented me with my wallet as I thanked them a million times. They told me I dropped my wallet through the crack between the lobby chair and table.

But when I opened my laptop to check for later ferries in the day, I panicked again because it gave me this screen:

Santorini Ferries

Oh. My. God.

I called the tourist office and they confirmed this fact. The 3:30 PM ferry was the last one out of Santorini to Naxos.

So here I am, trapped in Santorini for one more night!

I’ve booked another night at Hotel Palladion. And I called Expedia’s customer support about my Naxos reservation. The representative was amazing enough to call the Naxos hotel and confirm that they could change my booking from June 27-30 to June 28-30. I ended up getting a refund of $22, so that helped with the cost of tonight’s stay!

I had to pay for an extra ferry ticket, an extra hotel night, and lose a night in Naxos. I’m also pretty hungover from last night.

santorini nights

Yesterday in Santorini

But things could have been a LOT worse. When you travel, there is always a chance that things will go to shit. In the event this happens, you always have to see the glass half full. For me the silver lining was: 1. I didn’t lose my wallet! 2. I made it to the hotel (with no money!) 3. I received a refund of one Naxos hotel night. 4. I’m in SANTORINI.

santorini sunset

Literally just came back from this sunset

Things could have been a LOT worse, but fortunately I’m safe and I’m okay!

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