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My Review of The New Parkway (Oakland, California – USA)

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Heesun just got back to the California from her internship in Florida two weeks ago!  We wanted to meet up to discuss next steps with Me Want Travel, specifically on how we can work on creating a community and increasing site traffic. We joke about how we love learning while drinking alcohol, so NATURALLY, we wanted to hold a work session at a brewery. From searching through Yelp, we realized bay area breweries with Wi-Fi and Sunday hours were a bit more challenging to find than we had thought. After further digging, I came across a place in Oakland that looked great, called The New Parkway. It wasn’t a brewery, but it was a movie theater that served food and alcohol. We figured we could watch a movie first, then visit their cafe to work afterwards.

My Review of the New Parkway:
The New Parkway Oakland Review

The New Parkway entrance. For some reason there were protesters (on the left) but I didn’t bother to see what it was about…

As I was heading to the theater, I could already tell that it was going to be an interesting, hipster experience! I was loving the exterior look already.

The New Parkway Cafe

I walked in, entered their cafe, and was reunited with Heesun after many long months! In the cafe, you can purchase meals, drinks, and movie tickets. I purchased a Boont Amber Ale (I love amber ales) and Heesun ordered a Hefeweizen, and we both got tickets for the movie, Spy. As opposed to expensive $14-15 tickets, movie tickets at The New Parkway are merely $8 each! There are only 2 theaters so they don’t have as many showings as a normal theater would, but I love the fact that they are open to playing old classics and foreign independent movies. I noticed there was an earlier showing of Kiki’s Delivery Service, an old Hayao Miyazaki 1989 film that I would have wanted to watch if it weren’t for time constraints. It doesn’t matter though, cause the movie we watched was hilarious!

The New Parkway Review

This picture in the theater is a little dark, but as you can see the setting is extremely comfortable and welcoming. I love the uniqueness of this theater. Heesun mentioned how the experience reminded her of her years in college.

The room, as you can see, is filled with a bunch of couches and comfortable chairs.  And if you order an entree at the cafe, they give you a restaurant pager and deliver your food to your seat in the theater when ready!

Sharon Heesun The New Parkway

Us enjoying The New Parkway experience

After the movie, we lounged out in the cafe. We noticed a lot of people getting in line, not just for the movie but for the food. It seemed like a lot of people came in the theater to order even if they weren’t watching a showing! I started getting hungry and decided to order the Pepperoni Pizza Fries. They turned out to be a hit, because 3 people asked me for the name of the entree. Nothing like the feeling of people envying your food choices!
The New Parkway Pizza Fries

It’s funny that even though I’ve been living in the Bay Area for so long, I had never heard of this place and nor have most of my friends. I’d highly recommend checking out The New Parkway for its affordable tickets, comfortable seats, good food and drinks, and the warm community feel the setting promotes.

Let us know what you think of the theater! And if you were wondering, Heesun and I managed to get a lot of work done at the cafe, building our new Pinterest page and creating our brand new Me Want Travel Facebook Group 🙂

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