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Hey, Sharon and Heesun here! As we embark on our journey of visiting 100 countries before 100, we want to show you how to travel better, longer, and more affordably.

Okay, Where Do I Start?

Our blog aims to encourage young professionals to follow their gut, live for themselves, and see the world. If you’re wondering why we promote these ideals, check out these posts:

If you’re new at traveling, we recommend the following posts:

Want to travel longer term?

  • Check out DigitalNomadQuest, and I’ll teach you how to make money online while traveling.
  • Read these interviews with Sharon Gourlay and Kelly Maz – two bloggers who are making a living online while traveling.

Cool, How Do I Navigate Your Site?

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Our site is broken down in the following ways:

  • Home Page – If you ever want to access our home page, you can click our banner to return to the main page.
  • Destinations – Each of our guides are broken down by continent so you can easily find what you need.
  • Resources – This part of our site houses information on how to travel better, cheaper, and longer. If you click on “Resources” itself, it is a static page of our recommended products and companies to use when traveling.
    • Before The Trip – Packing and planning is tedious but necessary. We’ve included tips on finding flights and accommodations, our itineraries, and packing lists for certain destinations.
    • Hotel and Activity Reviews – Whenever we visit hotels and hostels or participate in certain activities, we like to review them!
    • Travel Better – Travel better includes a lot of different categories:
      • Travel Cheaper – Here, we’ve included tips on how to score accommodation and flights for less and reduce expenses while traveling.
      • Travel Fulltime – Essentially to travel full-time, you need to learn how to find or create location independent work and/or build passive income channels. This section will house information on how to travel more long term.
      • Travel Safety – Traveling is great, but you have to do it safely. Many problems can arise if you’re not taking basic measures to minimize risks. Check out our page of guidelines on how to travel safely.
      • Travel Solo – It can be a bit scary to leave your comfort zone and travel alone. However, we think it’s one of the best things you can do. In this section we’ve included a bunch of tips on how to overcome fear, make friends, and more. Instead of fearing the unknown, learn to embrace it!
  • Thoughts – We want to include more of our own opinions and stories as well as interview others in the travel space. We hope this section will show more of our personality as we start writing opinion pieces!
  • Work With Us – We’ve worked with many companies and brands and to help them drive traffic, boost brand awareness, and more. If you’re in the travel-related space and would like to explore the option of working with us, please check this section!
  • About – Check out our story here, and get more up close and personal with 25 facts about Sharon and 25 facts about Heesun! And of course, to track our progress on our journey to 100 countries, check out the countries we’ve visited and our bucket lists!

We advise you to use the search engine functionality at the top right hand corner to find specific articles you’re looking for!

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Nice! 100 Countries Before 100? How Do I Find Your Guides?

The search engine and “Destinations” section are the best ways to find our guides. But for easier navigation, we’ve also created some buttons and an interactive map below so you can easily check out our guides by continent.

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