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Tripwire is the App Solution to Your Travel Needs

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As you know, we love working with awesome companies and brands. That’s why we are beyond excited to introduce our partnership with Tripwire, which we deem will be the next big app in travel technology.

Sharon here. Funny story about how we got connected with the company. While I was waiting for my delayed flight to Vegas, I went to the airport bar and randomly met another fellow travel blogger. I mean, what are the odds? We ended up talking for hours, stoked that we shared the same passions, and he decided to connect me with Sam Hiscocks, the founder of Tripwire. After some back and forth Skype sessions, Sam made us one of their “top trippers” and gave us access to play around with the beta version of the app.

As an Android user, I have not been playing with the app as much as Heesun has because the Android version will not be released until later. Fortunately Heesun has an iPhone and can tell you more about the benefits of using Tripwire below! We’ll be tag teaming throughout this post (cowriting is hard).

What is Tripwire?

Tripwire is an easy to use app that is created specifically with travelers in mind. After using the beta version for the last month, I can tell you that the easy user interface and the supportive community make it really easy and fun to use. It’s similar to Instagram in that it shows you where your friends are in a picture-focused feed, but with a travel emphasis. The app will also show you posts from other “Trippers” who are in the same area as you. Here is a sample of what the feed looks like:

tripwire newsfeed

These posts can contain tips on what to do in an area, like what restaurants to visit or bars to check out. You can also chart a path on the global map of where you’ve been and where you’re planning on going.

tripwire screenshot path
The best part about this app is that it creates a safe community where you can meet and message other travelers. You can learn from what they’ve done, see all the cool places they’ve been to, and pose questions like “Does anyone want to grab a beer with me?” when you’re traveling alone in a new country and looking to meet people.

What Makes the App So Great?

After having used the app for a while, I’m pretty much hooked. This app is a huge step in the right direction for social networks in the travel space. It’s way better than what’s out right now, and here’s why:

1. Interaction with a travel specific community. You have a slew of travel passionate people at your finger tips who understand when you freak out about what to pack last minute for that trip to Southeast Asia or can provide you with advice on what to do in Mumbai, India. So far, the community has been insanely kind, with everyone supporting each other’s travel adventures and adding a bit of their own flavor to the mix. In other travel apps I’ve seen, the communities are sparse and weak. The thing about Tripwire is they’ve already loaded a carefully selected group of top trippers to drive the conversation and promote a positive environment for the community.

2. Great set of puns. Whenever you open the app, you’re greeted with a travel pun gem like this, “You’ll be Havana great time” (I know it’s nerdy but I am who I am).

3. Clean interface. So many of the travel apps I’ve seen have been cluttered, crappy, and difficult to use. Tripwire is not one of them.

4. Knowledge of the hot spots and hidden gems abroad. Sometimes you just don’t want to load Lonely Planet or TripAdvisor to check out the frequently visited touristy attractions. I’m always looking for the rare, awesome spots that people don’t know about, and Tripwire will actually show their own set of quirky curated attractions at each location. You’re also able to ask questions when abroad to get real-time answers from travelers about what they suggest to do in your area.

5. Ability to make new friends! This is a big one. I find that making new friends can be difficult while abroad. This app lets you see who’s in the area and message them, which is handy dandy for when you’re solo traveling.

Where Can I Get Tripwire?!

Tripwire has launched TODAY!  Make sure you download the app now and start walking on the wired side!

tripwire top trippers

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