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Your Guide to Napa: Napa Wineries You Can’t Miss

your guide to napa wineries in napa you can't miss

Going to Napa usually means sun, wine, beautiful castles, and good conversation. Sometimes, there are so many choices that it can seem overwhelming. Here is your very own guide to Napa to ensure that you hit all the best spots!

Napa Wineries You Can’t Miss

your guide to napa can't miss these wineriesDomaine Chandon – This is a champagne winery (champagnery?) and they have a beautiful patio area where you can drink their delicious champagne.

napa wineries guide to napaCastello di Amorosa – This is a winery in a freaking castle. It is pretty popular because of the gorgeous grounds, complete with farm animals, making it the perfect place for your photo op.

Sterling Winery
– This winery is more bougie and expensive than the first two, but the grounds are beautiful and worth checking out. Honestly, by the time we made it to Sterling, the wine tasted more or less the same to me but I remember greatly appreciating the free bread sticks.

napa wineries you can't missV. Sattui – This family-owned winery is known for its cheap wine tastings (it used to be $5 but like everything else in the bay, it has gone up to $15 as of this posting) and they also have a deli and a picnic area so you can nosh outside.

napa wineries you can't missRobert Mondavi – I like the open-air style of the winery, which gives it a more casual vibe and it’s less pretentious than other wineries lol. Their moscato is also excellent.

Whenever I plan wine tasting we always end up being over ambitious and planning for five, but at best make it to three, so hopefully you have better luck. You can also consider taking a winery tour so you don’t have to worry about having a DD.

For non-wine adventures in the area, I recommend Gotts for their burgers and Bouchon for macarons. Enjoy!!

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