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Cost of Living in Santorini, Greece (3 Nights Spending Report)

Despite some mishaps on my end, I had a wonderful time in Santorini! I was initially going to spend 2 nights in Santorini which ended up extending to 3 nights because of my carelessness. But hey, Santorini is NOT a bad place to be stuck in!


Making weird faces in Oia, Santorini

The cost of living in Santorini was higher than that of Athens, but still less than that of San Francisco. I wanted to share my expenses in this spending report so you can get a sense of how much it would cost to travel or even live there.

Cost of Living in Santorini, Greece


Keep in mind the following:

  • I’ve currently set my currency conversion rate a bit higher than the actual. I’ve set it at Euro $1 to USD: $1.16.
  • I ate a lot of sandwiches and spaghetti…my diet was not the best.
  • I (almost) lost my wallet and had to book another ferry and an extra night of stay in Santorini without my flatmates.

Spending By Category


Euros USD
Sandwich 4 $4.64
Sandwich + water 4.9 $5.68
Spaghetti and water 11.2 $12.99
Spaghetti 9.5 $11.02
Water 0.5 $0.58
Hamburger 3.4 $3.94
Ruffles 2 $2.32
Pizza + coke 10 $11.60
Water 0.5 $0.58
Sandwich + water 4.9 $5.68

santorini pizza

santorini sandwich

santorini spaghetti


Euros USD
Margarita 6 $6.96
Split a Long Island Iced Tea 2.5 $2.90
Wine 2.5 $2.90
Beer? I honestly don’t remember lol 3.5 $4.06
Akrotiri Archaeological Ruins Entrance Fee (I showed a Student ID so it was 6 instead of 12) 6 $6.96

santorini nights

Santorini Nightlife

akrotiri santorini

Akrotiri Archaelogical Ruins in Santorini


Euros USD
Bus from Fira to Oia 1.8 $2.09
Bus from Oia to Fira 1.8 $2.09
Bus to Akritori 2 $2.32
Bus to Akritori 2 $2.32
Bus to Athinios Port 2.3 $2.67
Ferry to Santorini 40 $46.40
Ferry to Naxos 21 $24.36
Missed ferry…so ferry to Naxos again 33 $38.28

bus santorini

My flatmate and I on the bus

greek islands ferries

Ferry to Santorini


Hotel Palladion for 3 nights $68.00

hotel palladion

Hotel Palladion was in Katerados, about a 15 minute walk from Fira, the main city center

Overall Spend

Entertainment $23.78
Food $59.04
Transportation $120.52
Accommodations $68.00

I ended up spending $271.35 for 3 nights, which averages at $90.45 per night. This definitely digs into my spending (my goal is $15k-17k for the year to show how affordably I can travel long term). However, I know that I could have spent a lot less if I weren’t careless during my trip.

Hope this helps! Let us know in the comments how you found costs to be in Santorini.

cost of living santorini

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    Tanya Wilkins
    February 4, 2018 at 6:03 pm

    You really did well with your budget in Santorini. Are the prices of food advertised outside restaurants? I’m going in June. I’ll be staying at Karterados and want to save money on food.

    • Reply
      February 5, 2018 at 2:53 am

      Yes most of them are!

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