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Ultimate Fall Eurotrip Packing List (2014)

Ultimate Europe Trip Packing LIst

Packing for a Fall Eurotrip is a bit difficult. It’s cold, but you don’t want to pack too much and carry heavy luggage around since you’re traveling to many countries. My 2014 Eurotrip itinerary included Italy, London, Belgium, and Czech Republic, and it was cold all the way! Here is what I packed to help me survive the journey:

Fall Eurotrip Packing List:

1, Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Razor/Deoderant/Perfume
2. Makeup/Accessories
3. 5 Tank tops/camis
4. Many pairs of long socks (also 1-2 pairs of merino wool socks) /underwear/bras
5. 1 light leather jacket
6. 4 cardigans
7. 1 long jacket
8. Tablet
9. Flip flops (for showering in hostels)
10. Travel sized shampoo/conditioner/body soap
11. Phone (But I turned off my data)
12. Phone charger
13. 3 going out tops
14. 3 pairs of leggings
15. 1 pair of sweatpants
16. 3 pairs of jeans
17. Umbrella
18. Winter boots
19. 1 warm hoodie
20. Light purse + wallet
21. Wristlet (for going out)
22. Mini travel bag for passport & passport (I keep this safely tucked in my suitcase)
23. Driver’s License
24. A check card that doesn’t have fees for withdrawing at ATMs
25. Cash
26. Universal travel plug adapter (the outlets will all be different from that of the US when you need to charge your electronics)
27. Headphones (My music was on my tablet)
28. Beanie
29. Gloves
30. 3 Thermal tops
31. UNIQLO ultra light down jacket (Very handy!)

Layering is very important in terms of traveling light but warm. I wore 3-4 layers for pants every day! (I also get cold really easily.)

I was able to fit all of these in a small pink suitcase, smaller than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. If you’re traveling via RyanAir (great for cheap travel between countries in Europe) it is important to travel light unless you want to pay a lot extra for more pieces of luggage. Their policy is: “One cabin bag weighing up to 10 kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 cms may be carried per passenger*” – so keep this in mind.

Let us know in the comments if you have any thoughts on additional items to supplement this list!

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